In the last 15 years Mark has combined science and art to engage with the public, explore new boundaries and increase interaction between these fields. He has produced many sci/art projects and collaborated with a wide variety of artist to create works from sculpture to film.  These collaborations has led to projects in the theatre ('Dream Play' with the National Theatre’s Katie Mitchell), film (with Andrew Kötting to produce film and installation ‘Mapping Perception’), and a variety of visual arts such as Richard Wentworth at the Tate; collaborating with the V&A museum to produce their ‘Touch Me’ exhibition; creating ‘Topologies of the Mind’ with sculptor Angela Palmer; examining medical imagery in art with artist Helen Sear; staging the exhibition ‘Chimera’ with visual artist Jayne Gouge; and producing sculptures of our thoughts with Annie Cattrell, exhibited at the Anne Faggionato Gallery, the Royal Institute and the Science Museum). In 2006 Mark designed and produced the sci/art exhibition AfterImage at the Hayward Gallery, London, which investigated our perception of light and colour as part of the Dan Flavin exhibition and was attend by an estimated 120,000 people. Mark has been influential in increasing creative dialogue between science and art at a national and international level.

After Image

After Image

Hearing & Seeing

Hearing & Seeing



Mapping Perception

Mapping Perception

Selected Exhibitions and Shows

Details of recent public engagements event and activities are on CABI website.

2014: Limits of Perception, Royal Society Twilight Science Event.

2013: Consciousness, Mark Lythgoe and Marcus du Sautoy, Wellcome Trust Wonder: Art and Science of the Brain

2012: Biology WeekBecome an Imaging Scientist! Society of Biology

2012: Cheltenham Science Festival Brain Scan LIVE.

2009: Point of Perception: Madi Boyd (artist in residence at CABI) and Mark Lythgoe.

2009: Life on the Inside: The Truth About Bugs and Germs. Cheltenham Science Festival

2008: Music and the Mind: Improvisation at the Wellcome Collection, London.

2008: Big Draw. Richard Wentworth and Mark Lythgoe at UCL

2008: Pay Attention to Me. Designed and curated with Gerrard O’Carroll. Science Gallery, Dublin. 

2007: AfterTrace , with Georgia Chatzivasileiadi at Science Oxford

2006: Mapping Perception Film. BIOS 4 at the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art in Seville

2006: Topologies of the Mind with Angela Palmer , Fine Art Society, Huntarian Museum.

2006: AfterImage, Dan Flavin- A Retrospectiveexhibition at the Hayward Gallery

2005: Touch Me, V&A museum in London. Article (pdf file) for the V&A's summer show

2004: Future Face, Science Museum, London

2004: Mapping Perception - Installation. La Rochelle, Tour de Bartholemy, France.

2004: Topologies of the Mind. Maltby Gallery, Winchester.

2004: LIFT Enquiry into the nature of theatre, Katie Mitchell,  Royal Festival Hall.  

2004: Dream Play, National Theatre, Katie Mitchell and Caryl Churchill, Science Advisor. Article (pdf file) 

2004: Richard Wentworth retrospective, Tate Liverpool. Article (pdf file) for Tate.

2002: TwoTen gallery, Truth and Beauty exhibition,

2002: Mapping Perception– FILM, Directors Andrew Kotting and Mark Lythgoe

2002: Mapping Perception – Installation, Café Gallery, London.

2001: Hearing and Seeing, with Annie Cattrell, Anne Faggionato gallery, the Royal Institute, the Science Museum

2001: Birmingham Discovery Centre: installations to investigate the brain areas that control our senses

1999: Explore at Bristol: installations to investigate the brain areas that control our senses

1999: Chimera, with Jayne Gouge

1998: Coil Magazine, with Helen Sear