The scope of this collaboration is to investigate different ways in which we perceive our visual environment.

Through our senses we build a relationship with the external world and subsequently we gain knowledge about our inner self.

The conditions which mislead the cognitive system enable us to re-discover or to re-approach reality.

This project concentrates on a particular afterimage phenomenon which is known as “Rainbow Effect”. The visual effect is a result of the saccadic eye movement and rate of projection, which creates the illusion of a two-dimensional image from a one-dimensional light source, using a sequence of afterimages.

For example, when a viewer moves in front of the light beam, their figure is followed by a stream of different coloured afterimages which describe his movement in time. The new decomposed image expands into the third dimension: it is detached from the two-dimensional surface, and spreads into the entire projection space. In other words, it becomes an “experiential perception of the projected image”.

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Mark Lythgoe

Mark Lythgoe

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Georgia Chatzivasileiadi